Found by: Internet
A small group of these and some Mason cans turned up at an auction
Found by: Public Auction
March 2010
A nice group of Jic Jac cone tops were found being auctioned. They brought over 8,000 dollars for a set of four.
Found by: dumping
A dumped group of Mission Cans.
Found by: Listed on E-bay
Fall 2009
6 pack of the tough to find Pommac Cans.
Found by: Dave Cichoracki

Pepsi Single Dot Cone Tops
Found by: Listed on Ebay

6-pack of Candie Stripped 6oz Dr. Pepper Cone Tops
Found by: Lucky Bidder in Missouri

Cans found in a missouri storage unit that was auctioned sight unseen. The whole unit was packed with cans. This was just a few.
Found by: Listed on Ebay

Tough group of dumper Up-Town Cone Tops
Found by: Listed on Ebay

Someones childhood soda collection