About the National Pop Can Collector's Club

We are a club of pop (soda) can collecting and other related pop memorabilia. Collectors range from collecting one of everything to being specialized collecting vintage cans, just root beer cans, national only brands, cartoon cans, sport cans and just about any group you can think about.

The beginning of the NPCC was sometime in 1975 by a Paul and Margie Richmond. Newsletters started being mailed in 1976. Then in 1978 Fred Bogdan known as the "The Pop Can Man" took over the club's operation. In the beginning membership dues were $7.95, the newsletters "Can-O-Gram" were hand typed, no officers were appointed and there was no internet!

Today we have newsletters in color and can be sent via email in high resolution PDF format. We have had over 1200 different members. Current membership is over 35 a large decline since the beginning days most likely due to new soda clubs that formed specializing in national brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. Officers have been elected and we have become a chapter at large within the BCCA.


Current Officers

President: Gene Judd
Vice President: Dave Tanner

Can-O-Gram Editor

Gene Judd


Jim Wicker

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